Maharashtra Scholarship for Further Education

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Maharashtra is the third largest state in India in terms of area and population. It is famous for its excellent facilities in all the different levels of education. There are thirty five districts where Pune as one of them is known as the place where you can get the best education in the country. Aside from Pune, there are other districts like Mumbai, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Kolhapur, and Ahmednagar among others where quality education is also at arm’s reach.

Almost every person is aware that quality education, the higher it gets, become more expensive. You would have to spend a good amount of money in order to achieve that. Even though a scholarship is a great financial too you can utilize, they are not easy to get. You really have to earn it. Getting a scholarship could be really frustrating but the rewards will be priceless. You will realize that it is worth the challenge so if you know that you have the brains and the will and courage to pursue your dream, you can try applying for a Maharashtra scholarship.

We have come to an age where competition is everywhere. You have the highest advantage if you arm yourself with knowledge and the proper training in order to handle and solve different tasks. It’s not only the skill that is needed but also what we know. We have to acknowledge that we are all affected but are up for the competition either for the sake of others, like our loved ones, or for ourselves. If you have this kind of vision, then you just might earn a Maharashtra scholarship.

If you are interested to avail of the Maharashtra scholarship, you just have to meet the following terms and conditions: you must be a permanent resident of Maharashtra, you have a minimum of 60% marks at the 12th standard exam for grad courses and a minimum of 55% marks from the said course if you are vying for post grad courses. This is required for the first attempt. You must also consider that annual income of your parents that must not exceed to Rs.2.50 lakhs. You should obtain an admission for the first year from any recognized university in a foreign country.

The maximum age limit for the Maharashtra scholarship is 35. There will be 8 scholarships to be granted for graduation courses, and another 17 for the post graduation. Make sure that you complete the course under the Maharashtra scholarship or else the amount of the scholarship will be recovered. When you have completed the course, you have the choice to voluntarily refund a minimum of 10% of the amount given to you. This is for the social just fund of the Maharashtra government. There’s no other format available for the Maharashtra scholarship form. You can get the official application forms at the office of the special district social welfare officer. The form is absolutely free of charge. You are to fill it in with the accurate details together with the required documents and must be submitted to the Director of Social Welfare.

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