Bill Gates Scholarship for College Education

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Bill Gate is amongst the few multimillionaires who reached his height by pure determination and hard work. From a mere software programmer he has become one of the most popular men in the world. His personality, vision and most importantly his work for other people in the world has made him a great humanitarian. Amongst his much humanitarian work we will talk about his passion for education of underprivileged students.

Bill Gates scholarship is the one in which student with not enough money to study can get benefit from. Not only is it available for low income students but also for students belonging to different communities. Bill Gates Scholarship came into being with the combined effort of Bill Gates himself and his wife Melinda when they formed an establishment specifically for this purpose. Numerous scholarships are available on the basis of classes to student of many ethnic groups including Native Americans, African Americans, Hispanics and Asia.

Gates Millennium Scholars program also known as Bill Gates Scholarship Program has its own set of scholarships program to offer other than just providing contribution to different organizations. One of the best things about this scholarship is that it does not have strict or demanding requirements. If a student has good grades in his or her studies there is a high chance that he or she will be awarded Bill gates Scholarship. Another good thing about Bill Gates Scholarship is that it varies according to the situation with each student. A graduate who has a degree or GED and a graduate with 3.3, both sets of students can get the scholarship.

Bill Gates Scholarship is not bound to any nationality of students. If you are a permanent resident of US you are eligible for this scholarship irrespective of whatever nationality you hold. One of the basic aims of the establishment is to make available the field of technology and science to students belonging to many ethnical groups. These scholarships are not designed to cover fully the cost of scholarship but to support the family in paying the tuition fees. This allows many students to get benefit from Bill Gates scholarship. The amount of scholarship will vary accruing to the level of education a student is doing. For undergraduate the average amount of scholarship is $7000 per year and this amount increase to $15000 per year if you are doing post-graduation.

What this scholarship allows, is that a student can do a part time job and thus fully pay of his or her tuition fees without taking any money from his parents. A student could look for an on campus job. Universities and colleges do provide opportunities for student by offering them different on campus job to make money and cover some of their tuition fees. The alternate for scholarships for students is, take student loans. A student loan allows the student to cover the expenses of studies but in that the student has to pay back the amount later. One gets bound with student loan until he pays back the total principal amount. Whereas, a scholarship does not involve any paying back and Bill Gates Scholarship is one which numerous students can get easily.

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